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Welcome To Hua Moon Women's Health

Our goal in midwifery practice is to provide individualized, nurturing, and flexible care that promotes natural birth and a healthy mother and child.

In Memoriam - Claudia Brown

I became a nurse-midwife because the philosophy of midwifery assumes that birth is a safe, beautiful and normal process.

Midwifery Care

The journey of pregnancy and giving birth are natural processes for which a woman’s body is well designed. Women possess the ability to nourish a safe and healthy pregnancy, and the strength and stamina to birth their babies naturally.

Informed Choice

The Midwives Model of Care is based upon the principles of Evidence-Based Practice and Informed Choice. Mothers and midwives are partners in promoting a healthy outcome for mother and baby.

Home Birth Resources

Hua Moon Women’s Health has developed relationships with outstanding home-birth services that can help you on your journey. Here, you can connect with community professionals that offer everything from prenatal fitness to childbirth preparation.

Upcoming Events

The first step in choosing the best path for your baby’s home birth starts with education. Check our calendar for upcoming informational meetings and home birth events hosted by Hua Moon.

Meet Our Midwives

Sharon Offley


Since becoming a certified nurse-midwife in 2000, it has been my dream to offer alternative options in maternity care and I’m profoundly grateful to have made this dream a reality with Hua Moon Women’s Health. I share the midwifery philosophy that pregnancy and birth are usually normal, natural, healthy processes that women are well equipped to undertake.

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Colleen Bass


My desire and pursuit to become a midwife was with the intention to assist healthy women to birth in a way that they have always instinctively known.  I practiced marine biology for 6 years in Hawaii and then I fell in love with birth! I became a certified nurse-midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner in 2011.  I am elated and full of gratitude to have joined the Hua Moon Women’s Health practice.

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