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We believe support goes both ways! We’re honored to be chosen as your health care provider. Thank you for your trust!

"I absolutely loved every minute"
I absolutely loved every minute of my experience with the women of Hua Moon. They took exceptional care of me through every process pre-natal to post-natal with two pregnancies. I also enjoy coming for my women’s well visit and highly recommend all women I come across to come to Hua Moon Women’s Health.


"I wouldn’t go to anyone else"

I can’t say enough about Hua Moon. Sharon and Colleen helped to usher in my last 2 babies, Ollie and Hugo in the comfort of home. I never felt I wasn’t in good hands, and these two ladies work great together as a team. Not only did they help birth my children, but Hua Moon has also provided amazing feminine care well after birth. Whether it be a yearly check-up, or to figure out what the heck is going on down there, no matter what phase of life you are in, Hua Moon is there to care for you and your body every step of the way. The ladies of Hua Moon are professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I will be sending my daughters there when it’s time. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for my feminine health care needs.


"So different at Hua Moon in the greatest ways"

I was first introduced to Hua Moon by my mother in law and I am so glad she did. I have been to 3 other gynecologists due to moving around and I must say the ambiance is so different at Hua Moon in the greatest ways possible. Many other gynecologists I have gone to have made me feel as if I was just another patient, however, I never felt that was the case at Hua Moon. 

I have had the pleasure of seeing Sharron Offley a few times now. She makes me feel extremely comfortable. She really takes the time to get to understand you and what’s going on in your life to try and assist to the best of her ability. Truly one of the greatest places. I am so glad I was given the recommendation. 


"These ladies are AMAZE!!!"
Where do I start?  These ladies are AMAZE!!!    They don’t only return your calls, but accommodate their schedule to fit you in.
They have made my daughter and myself feel very welcomed and comfortable.
THANK YOU for all you do.


"This is what care should look like"

The care that Hua Moon offers is always outstanding. I always feel genuinely cared for. I have poured out my concerns, fears, joys, and everything in between to Colleen & Sharon. They have helped me to find my voice, solidify my beliefs, and empowered me as a woman.

I first found Hua Moon when I decided to pursue a home birth with our first child.

Many friends from church referred me to Hua Moon because their experience with them had been wonderful. I also desired a wonderful experience as I entered into new waters as a mother.

From Day 1 since calling Diane, Hua Moon has made my husband and me feel important, wanted, and cared for. I felt as if they had taken us under their wing.

The appointments felt like we were visiting with friends. They remembered concerns I had, took their time to hear me, and even offered advice that has helped me to mend my past and to have confidence with my future.

My experience with giving birth to our first child at home was phenomenal. They prepared us as a husband and wife by telling us scenarios of what could happen, giving us a list of items, but most important they mentally and spiritually prepped us as we welcomed our eldest son into our lives.

What a transition! I would do it over and over again with the guidance and aloha Hua Moon offered.

When we found out we were pregnant with our second baby a year later, there was no question who we were desiring to seek prenatal care from.

They gave us the courage and confidence that I’ve never experienced throughout my life in regards to their practice.

Our care has been so consistent, and consistency is exactly what built the trust we have for Hua Moon.

We were so privileged to, once again, be prepared to receive our second son into our home and into our lives. The birthing experience was a bit different than with our firstborn, but the aloha, patience, trust, and help from our midwives was a blessing.

Throughout my whole life, I’ve always had this fear of being a burden to others by wasting their time or energy, but honestly, Sharon & Colleen took those fears away instead as I was with them. 

I believe that this is what care should look like: filled with aloha, patience, and trust.

Hua Moon is a blessing to Kaua’i and their impact will be forever. We are eternally grateful.

Mahalo nui loa, Hua Moon!


"Always made me feel valued, believed, and strong"
I remember when I found out that I could go to see the Hua Moon midwives for feminine health stuff that was unrelated to pregnancy and birth. I was happy bc I had heard such good things about them as health practitioners from many friends, but I thought they only worked with mothers. In general, I’m not that into traditional western medicine and going to the hospital for an annual checkup was something I avoided, and felt anxiety around. Going to the cute, comfortable Hua Moon offices is like a dream in comparison. It feels like going to see a friend in their home, if your friend was a super smart midwife. In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable, they always made me feel valued, believed, and strong in my personal experiences of my health. They listened to any of my symptoms and worked with me to get to the root of the problem. For me, I had bad cramps for years, and eventually I wondered if I should get an ultrasound. Even though I did not have other symptoms, Hua Moon (I think it was Sharon Offley specifically) listened to me, listening to my intuition. The ultrasound found a large endometriosis cyst that was in danger of rupturing. Sharon walked me through the ultrasound results and the next steps. At that point, I had to go with a surgeon at Wilcox, but I still felt genuine support and care from Hua Moon. In this last year I have also really appreciated them speaking to systemic racism and civil rights issues on social media. I know it is hard for businesses to do that, and I value it immensely. You get the sense that they truly care for the wellbeing of not only their patients but all women and all people. I have, and will again, strongly recommend their care to anyone on Kauai. I feel lucky to have them here!
"I cannot speak more highly"
I cannot speak more highly about the excellent clinical skills, depth of knowledge, and compassion that both Sharon and Colleen exhibit in their care of all women.  As a pelvic health physical therapist, I want my patients to have the best possible care and that is why I will always recommend Sharon and Colleen of Hua Moon. They devote a considerable amount of time to each and every woman to allow them to share their stories, not just their symptoms, to gain a better understanding of the whole person. They are strong advocates for community education on women’s health and will continue making a positive impact on the women of Kauai.


"The kind of sisterhood every woman seeks"
I met Sharon and Colleen 8 months pregnant, alone, new to the island, and just as covid started creating an impact on how we live. It was a precarious time, to say the least. The first time I spoke to Sharon she said, “I want to validate how much you are going through in addition to preparing for your first birth.” My heart melted and I knew I had found my birthing team, but as covid would have it, I would end up birthing with my Mother at Wilcox. Nevertheless, these amazing mana wahine created a place for me to be physically, emotionally, and socially cared for. They offered prenatal yoga and a pre-natal circle with other expecting Momma’s, several of which I still meet up with and consider my “hui” now as our pre-natal circle became post-natal. At my first zoom Hua Moon circle, we shared the darkest of dark and lightest of light moments during pregnancy. Everyone was willing to be raw with their sharing, but also extremely loving and non-judgemental from a receiving end. I am so grateful to these women for creating such a space and facilitating the kind of sisterhood every woman seeks as she traverses the journey of pregnancy and motherhood. As mentioned before, regarding my birthing process, covid created a cold and unforgiving circumstance, financially and within the hospital, and I was unable to have either woman there to coach me through a non-medicated birth. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and to any first-time mother, I would strongly advise choosing the right, trained, and invested person to have present at your birth. Afterward, when I was alone and Baby was only 3 days old, Sharon brought over beautiful, all organic meals with uplifting notes and at other times sent over trusted friends to watch over Baby as I showered or did whatever else was I needed to do. Any new mother knows the value of these small– but not so small at all– acts of love. Lastly, but certainly not least, even though my darling Babe is now 6 months old, Hua Moon continues to connect me to smart resources. In light of covid-related reduced work hours, Sharon and Colleen recently connected me to alternative rental assistance programs as most other resources were maxed out by the thousands of applicants. I simply cannot imagine my journey as a new, single mother without these amazing wahine. I am honored to be part of the Hua Moon legacy. Mahalo ke Akua for these ladies and all the services they provide to the woman of Kaua’i.


“My go-to women for 9 years”
I started with Hua Moon when I got pregnant with my daughter Dakota. And our relationship has transformed from pre and postnatal to women’s health and routine checkups. They’ve been my go-to women for 9 years.
They have also seen me for other health concerns that I’ve experienced and I love that they bring knowledge of both eastern and western medicine. They are amazing women who really care about the person as a whole and I also love seeing them in the water on their surfboards too!
"Literally answered all my prayers"

Thank you to the ladies who literally answered all my prayers.

I discovered Hua moon through the nursing program at KCC. After shadowing them and learning about the care they provided to pregnant and nonpregnant women, I knew they were caring, honest, and trustworthy.

For years I knew something was off about me, while other health care providers swept me under the rug. These ladies listened to my concerns and sat with me to find solutions. I never once felt judged or ridiculed about the concerns on my body that I had. For years I felt that no one was listening to me, and would blame my symptoms on other things in my life. But Hua moon on the other hand has helped me reveal a diagnosis I never thought I would have. They were able to guide me through ways to manage my health and refer me to other health care providers that they trust will care for me the way they would like to be cared for.

These ladies are amazing. I would have never found out the truth about my body. I testify that they put their patients first before anything else. Again, thank you for all that you do.


"A beacon of light for all of us"

My husband and I will always consider Sharon our angel on earth. From every appointment leading up to our scheduled c-sections, she was vested in every facet of our journey to becoming parents. Often the journey is focused on the mama, but in their care, attention to my husband and his transformation was equally important. Since having children, my connection has continued and my care has remained the same quality of love and tenderness as day one. From annual examines, feminine care and friendship, Sharon has continued to be a beacon of light for all of us. We will always be eternally grateful for our journey with them.


"Visionaries within the healthcare system"

Colleen and Sharon have made a huge impact on our lives- healthcare and otherwise. We were so lucky to share our entire pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey with the both of them. They met our slow pace, endless questions, and initial indecisiveness of home birth or hospital with nothing but patience and support. We ended up with both- and they didn’t leave our home, the hospital, or my side for over 50 straight hours.

Their professionalism and intellect felt equally matched and balanced by their awareness, warmth, and ability to hold space- or my hand- when I needed it.

Hua Moon was also the connect and host to additional offerings throughout our pregnancy where we met our lactation consultant, heard live stories of labor and motherhood, met new moms and families within the community, and made new friends.

I really look up to Colleen and Sharon. They are visionaries within the healthcare system, with a holistically led and open-minded approach that encourages women, fathers, and families to be educated, informed, and empowered from prenatal to post.

Welcoming our son into the world simply would not have been the same without them.


"Makes me feel so at ease"
Sharon Offley shows up in life the same way she shows up in her women’s health practice: Compassionate, present, patient, and kind. 
Sharon and I have been the best of friends for almost 30 years. I am so grateful she is also my health care provider. 
She makes me feel so at ease. We can hike, go to the beach, eat dinner, AND I have my annual pap smear with her. That speaks volumes for how comfortable she makes me feel. Colleen Bass is also exceptional. I highly recommend Huamoon Women’s Health to all.
~Stacy Ricciardi 
Personal Trainer, Woman’s Wellness Coach 
Hua Moon Women's Health
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Abbigail R.
Abbigail R.
2023-07-10 14:53:25
While visiting the island I needed a visit asap. Colleen was able to squeeze me in without hesitation. She was very friendly and kind. So glad I went with...
Amy J.
Amy J.
2023-07-05 11:39:28
Through birth control, hormone balancing and post partem care Colleen and Sharon really listened and gave excellent care. Kauai is so lucky to have them.
Gail W.
Gail W.
2023-06-19 16:35:39
Excellent care at Hua Moon - Women's Health Care in Kapaa! The staff is compassionate and attentive to your needs. Full service for Women's Health ! No...
Stephanie H.
Stephanie H.
2023-06-14 17:13:36
Truly the most caring, educated woman I have ever been given care by. They take time to learn about multiple aspects of your life in order to better...
Melissa V.
Melissa V.
2023-06-07 11:17:50
I cannot express my admiration enough for Hua Moon. As a woman who has experienced various healthcare settings (hospital to birth center), I found their...
Susana P.
Susana P.
2023-05-16 00:01:53
I cannot recommend Hua Moon enough! Colleen and Sharon are both so knowledgeable, caring and kind. They are truly a pleasure to see for any women's health...
Angela F.
Angela F.
2022-06-05 12:22:52
I agree with Chelsea's comment. I too felt uncomfortable at the few meet ups at Hua Moon. I am a highly sensitive person who reads energy very well. I felt...
C F.
C F.
2022-02-03 18:45:22
sammee is the worst, don't ever go to her, save yourself a headache and being judged from the meet up. She's old and rude. She will turn on you in a second....
M. H.
M. H.
2019-11-14 19:37:37
The women at Hua Moon have given me such excellent care throughout both my pregnancies and deliveries and in overall women's care, I can't thank them...
Hannah F.
Hannah F.
2019-11-13 23:12:09
We used Hua Moon for all of our prenatal care, post partum/lactation consulting, and general women's health. We have been so super happy and grateful for...
Chelsea J.
Chelsea J.
2019-11-13 20:22:56
These women surely are a blessing on this tiny island of limited choices!! I'm not really sure what I would do without them. Hua Moon have and will...
Pristine J.
Pristine J.
2017-04-14 19:47:17
They are by far the best, couldn't of asked for a better group of people to put my care and the care of my baby into. They honestly take their time with you...
Nicolette A.
Nicolette A.
2015-09-24 16:42:18
I LOVE my midwives!! I know this review is technically cheating because I am their office manager, but seriously... I get to review them too right?! LOL! I...

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